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Two friends prepare in front of the same mirror. They each banter back and forth about tattoos–did you yelp it first? Each has their personal favorite tattoo parlor. Each has a set of tattoo badges in and around their bodies. The conversation quickly turns to the best up-and-coming tattoo artist. This is nothing like voting on American Idol. The conversation subsides because, really, who knows their tattoo artist by first and last name? For all we know, they have a favorite tattoo parlor to go after a night of heavy drinking, that is the fastest method to receiving a badge of honor that night and for the rest of life.

by Staff Writer

Easy. Folllow his official Facebook Personal Page. Unlike many contemporaries who opt out from staying in tune to audience, celebrity culture already has on locked down Twitter, they’ll be coming round the corner next to FB…just give it time. Unlike many cultural figures of the 2010’s or 00’s it has been hard to find a personal voice many can say they know by heart and have memorized their anthems. It’s refreshing, riveting, to find an active figure immersed in new channels of sound meets art. Not just a spoken word artist but an artist of various talents, Maestro Gamin brings to focus old debates of the Genius and his craft. How he does what he does is a matter of talking to electrons, the faster they are accelerate the better the results. Nuclear fusion would love to quote the above mentioned in their joint twitter account.


Have you been interested in the LA Music Scene but haven’t been sure where to find it or what it looks like? It’s not in Silverlake or Echo Park though the contrary may be for parties to celebrate your recently flashy name on the outskirts of so-and-so music/blog, music magazine.  Geneva Jacuzzi is a multi-creative musician branding her music to listeners of all cliches and niches hidden throughout the tunnels and alleys of LA.  Give it a go!




It brings us with great joy to present our first series of an ongoing traveling exhibition under the song title, Now We Were Friends, Then We Were Lovers.

Multiple narratives collide.  A heart cold as ice, god only knows where is my mind.  We are the living dead, an anthem sung by the few sang of our tears and sorrows.  Is this life too much or too little, too short or too tall?  What does each have to reveal about the other? We know who we are but do we know who we are? Where are we currently in our lives? What is propelling us forward in our practice? What keeps us going?  We were not born Chinese-readymade engines.   We need to breathe.  How do you breathe?  An ongoing covert series or investigation into the unknown or metaphysical therapy works only if you want it to work.  Your thoughts have power.  Come with a smile, leave with an orgasm.

Mark your calendars for a special night of live art performances by Richard Andres, Monel Chang, Vishal Nirvana, and Cami Alvarez with special appearances by GABO.

Please enjoy the complementary homebrewed beer and hot coffee.


For the Fourth and final thesis MFA show opening Thursday May 2 at 5-8PM, candidates Jonathan Apgar, (Painting), EJ Hills, (New Genres), David Fisk Withtaker  (Ceramics), Gerardo Monterrubio, (Ceramics), showcase their accumulative work over the past few months.



New Wight Gallery
Broad Art Center, Suite 1100
240 Charles E. Young Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Gallery Hours:
Monday-Friday, 9:00am-4:30pm
Saturday (May 4), 10:00am-6:00pm

[Note: The gallery will be open on one Saturday, May 4 from 10am-6pm.]

Admission is free

Daily parking in Lot 3: $11
Short term parking (payable at pay stations) in Lot 3 North: $3/hour

<img src=http://"michaeljohnkelly1.jpg"?w=460 alt="Michael John Kelly" />

Michael John Kelly, Mask 4, pigment print collage, oil, and acrylic on panel, 96 x 72″

Each year starting and ending around the month of March the UCLA Department of Art grants MFA degrees in New Genres, Photography, Sculpture and Painting.  This past Thursday the 7th was the premiere opening of one of four thesis shows. Artist’s Michael John Kelly, painting and drawing, Lucas Blalock, photography, Marten Elder, photography, and Katie Sinnott, sculpture obtained Awesome Status.

Upon first entering the New Wright Gallery hall Michael Kelly’s abstract paintings hung sparingly. A tall and stout man, Michael John Kelly holds a presence over any room. In simple attire, worn work jeans, flannel shirt with sleeves rolled to elbow, a beard and black frame glasses invites all with a soft spoken voice. The New Wright Gallery space has a wide hall as an entrance with, as one goes deeper, two passages of opposite direction, a court yard and a hidden pocket connected to the left passage. The space laid out like a funky Teteris piece ready to complete a row connects all as one. Kelly’s hall and left passage paintings speak volumes of a man of experience, technique and craftsmanship.

Katie Sinnott, 4 corners (detail), mixed media installation, 10 x 16 x 18'

Katie Sinnott, 4 corners (detail), mixed media installation, 10 x 16 x 18′

In the little hidden pocket away from Michael’s other paintings held Katie Sinnot’s sculpture.  What at first seemed small, spread apart and hidden underlies an architectural infrastructure intervention. Not too minimal not discreet, a careful balance of hiding and showing at the same moment. The traditional paintings on walls and photos in frames was thrown out the window. But the window became the canvas, the walls became part of helper of the viewing eye to see invisible connections. Her sculpture was painted white wooden planks high up on white walls, plastic sheets on grey cold floors and foot high cement turquoise painted blocks all around the big T that was three walls for hung work.

There in the courtyard, a big wide space, one to three photos framed of Lucas Blalock’s nothingness.  Photos on walls and photo books on a wooden platform held flat by two wooden triangles below.

The right passage after entering the hall was of Martin Elder’s diagrams of measurements for the creation of artistic tools for measurements in degrees of cities, places lived, in relation to the body. A young man in savvy black clothing greets you with a smile displays his broad range of pictures and installations.

Marten Elder, Untitled, archival pigment print on fiber based paper, 30 x 40"

Marten Elder, Untitled, archival pigment print on fiber based paper, 30 x 40″

New Wight Gallery
Broad Art Center, Suite 1100
240 Charles E. Young Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Gallery Hours:
Monday-Friday, 9:00am-4:30pm
Saturday (March 9), 10:00am-6:00pm
Admission is free
Daily parking in Lot 3: $11
Short term parking (payable at pay stations) in Lot 3 North: $3/hour
For further information, call (310) 825-0557





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We are seeking bloggers to work with us here at LAAR to continue to bring you up- to- date, comprehensive resources and opportunities. This position is unpaid at the moment, but we hope that will change in the future as we evolve. If you are a student, we can work with you and your school for class credit. The position is one day a week, working remotely, and has huge potential for growth and networking within the arts community.


– researching artist opportunities, data entry, making posts, correspondence with clients and other team members, email correspondence, attending LAAR group meetings (usually every couple of months), editing, and general office duties.


– art, design, art history, arts administration or museum studies background preferred

– strong writing and editing skills

– some basic knowledge of wordpress helpful, web development experience preferred, but we will train you.

– initially, we will have to…

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Marina Kanno and Giacomo Bevilaqua from Staatsballett Berlin perform several jumps captured in slow motion at 1000 frames per second.

Directed by Simon Iannelli & Johannes Berger
Camera by Dr. Frank Gabler & Hendrik Nix, slomotec
Coordination Staatsballett Berlin Doreen Windolf & Alexandra van Veldhoven
Music Radiohead – Everything In Its Right Place (Gigamesh DiscoTech Remix)

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