PROFANITy PANDa is an off-again/on-again three-fold investigative project of parallels of 1) An artistic interpretation of the modernization of Pop Culturally Relevant Magazine in Pop/Politics/Etc. it tends to look closer of the aspects the editor/publisher in how generating controversial content for subscriptions/readerships comes to be, and foundational business plan to attribute sales to readership 2) While also investigating its predecessor, the DIY/zine. 3) Which draws further parallels Economic social institutes intact.

As a direct result of said findings, the writing reflects anti-establishment aspects attributed to counteract any foreseeable purchase of any kind from any major corporations. This is not for sale. Aware of our radical stance in profiting within a capitalist social institute, restrains have been put in place to burgeoning a stable identity like its current predecessors. Fuck the establishment.

Ideology is one aspect of the whole circle. To encompass it’s entirety requires to bring forth the tier goal: collecting/archiving contemporary artist/producers/scholars/poets/writers/ working on present or future Projects.

Part art history found from the Internet of different groups of different nationalities to local Los Los Angeles, to different states for a broader English-speaking readership, part interviews, part discussions, everything comes full circle.

Based in Los Angeles, PROFANITY PANDA operates as a dedicated small team of writers and designers bringing to light projects thought-provoking in nature and incepted from dreams to life.  Inspired by current thriving major magazines such as PURPLE, VICE, and BOMB our communities bring innovation to an online platform such as PROFANITY PANDA.

Updated November 20, Monday