2o15 is already turning out to be a magical year. Fuuuuuck 2014 and its de-attachable bullsheet!! Half way into the new year we’ll have our first real copies to sell and celebrate the efforts of all those involved in its making.

Gazing at the skies
overhearing leaves fall, distance fall,
singing murmured in the winds,
waves overlapping, birds chirping
—time collapsed on itself.
Truths as lies as propaganda as
Japanese Animals Masks cover up
dancing with wolves.

The simple and direct current version: a dedicate team of enthusiasts and photographers come together to showcase recent past or current future photo collections. Alongside the no-text booklet-zine the online (tumblr) edition includes behind-the-scenes further collection unfit for/under 20 photos top (within the zine) and lengthy QQ&A’s interview of everything related to the practice of art-making, art process(s), color theories, fancy dinner receptions, gels, hair gel, The Internet as Art, MFA’s, Art Mafias, Mafiaoso, Manifesto, Manifest Destiny, Destiny’s Child, Ivy Blue, FFA, CCFFFA, COFFEE, Heath Ledger, Mortal Kombat, SSA, COMIC SANS and everything else that fits in a sandwich/burger/burrito with a side of fries/kimchi—French dip, ranch side dipping.