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NAKAMURA started as a shitty idea. Like, talking Skype ideas while taking shits. Erase. It was supposed to be simple then became overtly complicated and now its back to simple. NAKAMURA was started to bring the amazing world of photographers and their images/photos in color zine format. It was to be something that was thought out to be another platform for many existing artists of photography to submit up to 24 images and show the rest of the world what that world is made up of. It strays from really long thought out answers from a simple Q&A. Life already is complicated enough why not just shut up for once and enjoy the scenery?


Cultural Traditions//Cultural Perks & Recreation///

Starting this past Friday going on strong till the end, Sunday, it became a moment for many families to come out and celebrate a strong, lasting cultural institute.

It is finally happening. This is finally happening. This is so big it must be Godzilla’s mother or at least Mega Godzilla!

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