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Two friends prepare in front of the same mirror. They each banter back and forth about tattoos–did you yelp it first? Each has their personal favorite tattoo parlor. Each has a set of tattoo badges in and around their bodies. The conversation quickly turns to the best up-and-coming tattoo artist. This is nothing like voting on American Idol. The conversation subsides because, really, who knows their tattoo artist by first and last name? For all we know, they have a favorite tattoo parlor to go after a night of heavy drinking, that is the fastest method to receiving a badge of honor that night and for the rest of life.


by Staff Writer

Easy. Folllow his official Facebook Personal Page. Unlike many contemporaries who opt out from staying in tune to audience, celebrity culture already has on locked down Twitter, they’ll be coming round the corner next to FB…just give it time. Unlike many cultural figures of the 2010’s or 00’s it has been hard to find a personal voice many can say they know by heart and have memorized their anthems. It’s refreshing, riveting, to find an active figure immersed in new channels of sound meets art. Not just a spoken word artist but an artist of various talents, Maestro Gamin brings to focus old debates of the Genius and his craft. How he does what he does is a matter of talking to electrons, the faster they are accelerate the better the results. Nuclear fusion would love to quote the above mentioned in their joint twitter account.


Have you been interested in the LA Music Scene but haven’t been sure where to find it or what it looks like? It’s not in Silverlake or Echo Park though the contrary may be for parties to celebrate your recently flashy name on the outskirts of so-and-so music/blog, music magazine. ¬†Geneva Jacuzzi is a multi-creative musician branding her music to listeners of all cliches and niches hidden throughout the tunnels and alleys of LA. ¬†Give it a go!



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