It brings us with great joy to present our first series of an ongoing traveling exhibition under the song title, Now We Were Friends, Then We Were Lovers.

Multiple narratives collide.  A heart cold as ice, god only knows where is my mind.  We are the living dead, an anthem sung by the few sang of our tears and sorrows.  Is this life too much or too little, too short or too tall?  What does each have to reveal about the other? We know who we are but do we know who we are? Where are we currently in our lives? What is propelling us forward in our practice? What keeps us going?  We were not born Chinese-readymade engines.   We need to breathe.  How do you breathe?  An ongoing covert series or investigation into the unknown or metaphysical therapy works only if you want it to work.  Your thoughts have power.  Come with a smile, leave with an orgasm.

Mark your calendars for a special night of live art performances by Richard Andres, Monel Chang, Vishal Nirvana, and Cami Alvarez with special appearances by GABO.

Please enjoy the complementary homebrewed beer and hot coffee.