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1. Amber Marie Chavez “Beauty with a Tint”

The intimate is the poetic.  A sense of longing and belonging, eyes as sharp as knives dart back at the flash.  Could be eyes made from wolves.  Like a mirror before it shatters into millions of little pieces, what little hope is seen is bleak and like a distant star—the only star on a smoggy LA night.  At foot’s distance nothing is revealed.  Only a hollow life lived in darkness under bright skies.  How the historical with stern smiles of wounded soldiers saw themselves death before their eyes.  Honesty and confessional blur all borders held high with thoughts made of rocks.

2. Ashlie Chavez

Beauty lurks in rebirth.  A phoenix gave hope a second chance.  There rung silence on youth and freedom.  Run, run, run and don’t stop for anything or anyone.  Is hollow and stillness the movement?  Sheep, bones and skateboards—don’t smile please.  Continue to be yourself no matter what anyone says.


25 WordPress—writer’s love to read and see interesting things—bloggers are writers too? Without a cultural identity you are nothing in the eyes of those that have a cultural identity.  What label would you like to put on your name today?  Preparing the questions when the interview has yet to happened or might not happened—all preparation work towards having a potential in making this happen or not.  What do you do?  How do I explain what it is that I do?  I write articles about creative endeavors around Los Angeles on a blog.  Behind the asshole side of living and utter enjoyment of chaos in my then current life a part, not sure which part, likes to believe in these words will save me.  The Rules of Engagement—how many conversations can you have?  Treat everyone like a potential creative collaborator—collaborative spirit: The Rules of Loving Art for Life.


Fashion and Style in Los Angeles—what’s in and what’s found.  A scope of searching and playing as discovery means making the rules as you go.  Capturing the styles of LA.


Bikes, capital F Fun and Jack Rabbit—how do you never grow old?  Do drink from the fountain of youth.  Do pour your heart out.  Gears, metal or bronze—that is to say, continue going forth no matter what.  There’s only one way a bike can go.  And that is forward.

25 Tumblrs at a glance—look at my pretty pictures?  There is a limit to taste.  How does taste factor and grow in the pre-destiny factory of set directions?  (The right amount of clicks will set you free.)  Taste connected through Los Angeles.  Nobody is forcing anything on you—you, as the consumer, can listen and see anything you want.  As to searching for it—Goggle is God—that’s a whole conspiracy.  Why you should opened a new tumblr account for these 25 sons of bitches–I have a fondness for the profound found in the mundane in small activities of high accomplishment like going grocery shopping or filling the gas tank.  Think back or imagine of a time long, long ago, if you must, to a time when innocence was in the air, things were simple, A was followed by B then C–attention spans didn’t last longer then a day.  It just was.


They call themselves The Soul Electronic.  It is a music blog with soundcloud posted everywhere an ExFm on the right corner.  They’re words, “Curating noises of the bass, house, and garage variety since 2011.  We favor tracks that go deep and hit hard.”



25 bands worth a listen—it came on a whim! All best ideas come from long baths.  Who buys music nowadays? Who pays the 1$ on bandcamp for that single?  It’s always been about, buy, buy, buy like in real estate—location, location, location!  Buy this music now! Buy, don’t buy—buy before you listen?  “I ‘friend-ed’ your band.”  Give me digital not vinyl.  It was all to look like how the mind worked like how organic it can be from whole foods.  I don’t want digital instead get me the vinyl!  I just wanted it to look like how my mind worked, like how organic you could buy it.  This is not a radio station, this is not specific music to listen to, these words affiliated with the music mean very little.  A fan that loves finding music without going too deep into theory and music history.  All the best music is always scattered and brought to you in a package deal at music festivals and concerts with overpriced valet.  I don’t really write about music like musicians.  I write and talk about music like a poet—keep it short and simple: identify the instruments, go into metaphor sounds, potentially into history, cultural significance of past albums, recent albums and new sounds—anecdotes connected to the actual listening.  It cannot sound like you know it or else the mystery is not there.  Nobody in there right mind is going to look for new music.  Many people will need to be told what to listen to next.  What is the next new sound?  What is “in”?

1. Birdlips

They were sitting under blue lights, white chairs too small to relax in with a large coffee table in the middle.  The stench of weed in the air was strong.  Some other band was playing.  Birdlips played already.  It was called The Mime, short for an exclusive underground opened space turned venue over night almost every night.  A boy’s club, like a desert bar with your locals and unwanted visitors—small talk was cheap.  This was no art opening.  Strangers here were hustling.

2. Races

3. Yohuna

4. Jack Littman

5. Crystal Antlers

INTRODUCTION (Free Trial Run) 

This is a small writing project in the early stages as lacking of content and formats were all currently being experimented when applicable.  This is not just about one thing in particular.  It does narrow down to a field in the arts.  The trick is how to guide it to guide where it seems fitting.  It’s all feeling it out.  Many things will change in the course of its running, and many things have thus far.  Because where it is now it still lacks the ability to walk on its own.  Therefore, no advertising has gone into it.  There’s this unnecessary closeness to protecting what is not there or could be there.  Much doubt has gone and tampered with sleep late some nights when thinking about what to do next.  Now, that it seemed fixated in it being another music blog, another art blog.  Just one more blog to read—as to who the readership is: an audience interested in art-art after art school and grad school working in the trenches of the world at war of this complex art maze from elitist routes to art walk routes.  But the pressing question here is what deserves cultural relevance and is newsworthy verses just another event on facebook to click ‘attending’?  Is it just another event?  Is a concert just another concert?  It means something different for everyone out that night.  Partly the experience overall of living and working in Los Angeles is friend’s follow friend’s.  Everyone is an artist here whether or not they say it or their work speaks for themselves.  A community of like-minded brings a number of creative genres cross-pollinating with no real direction other then to keep the creative energy momentum flowing.  Since there are so many pockets hidden everywhere of raw or professional or mixed and matching endeavors happening at the same time a blog becomes just another announcement board of a calendar of events that a new fan might be interested while others glancing the headline will overlook it and go on to the next blog that might match their interest.  Nowadays where accessibility to broadcasting is available to almost everyone, even poor artist find new methods, anyone’s information is as good as the next person’s.

Private investors verses public participation

Word of mouth has always been the best method to leak where the party and after party were next.  It’s all about who you know and who’s willing to spend the few seconds of energy on a list of names remembered to listen and insert into conversation as casually and sly as possible.

Cultural Taste Tester

Attempting to follow what is “in” is a full-time job.  One friend has as more friends doing anything artistic as the next.  Testing the waters, throwing out names like dimes, playing demo for strangers who call themselves producers.  Rappers know how to do it best.  They are  literally in your face.  Still this is no New York, the makers of markers of makers of taste in whatever culture whether mainstream or indie, or whatever new genres they come up with.  The cultural significance of the newest, the latest, sound to hit online radios or whatever a fan finds a way to listen to his music.  Though, only a short amount of time, that time multiplied by the X number of fans listening in creates a sound wave, that continues on out to create a following.  That is to say, a significant cultural contribution has links to fields in anthropology and philosophy, the study of humanity and its thoughts.  Whatever events are happening in the present effect the outcome of how thoughts are processed on a singular and plural sense of the word, the mass reacts organically.  Thoughts weave in and out of any and all fields without any restrains creating a mass effect.  Whatever present actions take place impact the many directions sound or objects give way to create.  Attempting to stay in versed of the latest trends, who’s big, who to—pardon the expression—suck off some rich old geezer’s wet dick—all questions as money ultimately trails to the high-up’s.  The one’s making the money not your friends or anyone else’s network of friend’s.  Money is judge of all music taste.  Money, which is very similar in mind frame as pop music, David Bowie will never need to think poor or what a poor thought is.  Field research with street smarts begins to show light in an ongoing investigation towards the proper channels of (insert field of art) pop is trendy for enough of a following to buy the idea, the potentiality, to become fully realized—whatever that could mean, meaning it can take on any shape thereafter with enough support to further experimental results, further thought processes.

Sensitivity & Public Musings 

The emotional turmoil wrapped in the outcomes trying to live a semi-professional/ professional lifestyle in the arts/creative industry business brings to the forefront issues unresolved when dealing with the practicalities of living creatively.  If you can’t do something pay someone who knows how to do to do it.  Don’t attempt to try.  This frustration in only bringing in those labeled under “writer,” to give an example, really does a disservice of those unwilling to try to write if they do not first consider themselves to be a writer to start with.  Writing like in all the arts is if its not understood do not try.  In this cut-and-dry world if you did not go to a university, take courses in creative writing or seen the format online then writing is not for you.  It is a forbidden land.  It should not be.

Concluding Thoughts

Every listener and reader brings into the picture a world of their own imagining.  How these words will be interpreted is widely determined by the personalized standards of judging connected with past and current reflections of personal experiences to a friend’s story or three.  To give two quick examples—comedy and poetry—it is, with this deep sense of curiosity to understand why things are the way they are that such questions propel only a deeper sense of the unknown and of mastering the art of everyday or living a balance life.  What are these mysterious gifts? And why do they have an exchange value? Are they outside extensions of our inner-selves?  The end results do not stop here.  But the hard part about all this is the writing itself.  That is to say, not everyone who reads what is written will most likely like what and how it’s written.  Even a whole thought is being deconstructed for the slightest error of judgement and incoherence.  But what does it take to play this game?  “A large amount of debt, alcoholism and bad addictions?”  So were the summarized thoughts put as a question to confirm the validity of how much truth there was from a police cop working in Downtown Los Angeles.  It is all a game.  So says the rappers in their rap songs and the slam poets in the slam poetry jams.  Nobody is choosing to get a job other then artists.  The jobs specificity of looking for a job in the art world is one that grows little to no level of highness.  There is no top position to reach.  This is not the finance industry.  This inbreed culture sustains its vitality on the younger generation of dreamers slowly becoming poorer and harder to get up from a job to just pay the bills monthly.  There is book writing to be published, which can’t be changed once in.  Even with the numerous errors.  And then there is journalistic writing that is always changing with the latest updates.  It is writing that is always changing.  It never has a steady pulse.  That’s what’s so fascinating about culture.  It is endless.  It is always expanding.  Sure, there are formulas, data informs the expected results, the system is fixed.  What one person likes another person might like in return.  Ephemeral is Art.


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